Our Philosophy

We start with good, solid, down to earth technical sales professionals. 


We combine their background with an understanding of the applications that Engineered Sales Co. focuses on - process control, combustion control, and environmental safety and health monitoring. Our sales professionals are in constant contact with each other, sharing successes and opportunities as well as failures. 


We are trained in the fine art of digging out the opportunity. This means asking those open ended questions that get a customer talking about their needs and desires - and then listening. This process leads to opportunities to help customers solve their problems - which leads to sales. 


We represent manufacturers who lead in their field of expertise. To the extent possible we like our product lines to have interconnectedness. This is good for us in that we can go to our customers with a demonstrated expertise and offer them solution sets for their problems. It is good for our manufacturers in that opportunities for cross selling occur. In this way you don’t have to be as concerned about your product getting its share of our time, but rather we can all focus on it getting its share of our mind.


Our time is spent with people who know what their needs are and have the authority to act on buying what they need. Their titles include Consulting Engineer, Manager of Operations, E&I Supervisor, Technical Director, Plant Engineer, Engineering Manager, Environmental Manager, and Industrial Hygienist. While not our primary focus, we call on Purchasing Agents when necessary to assist the user in getting what they need. 


In summary, sales is not only about how many presentations are made - but more importantly - how well we qualify our prospects. It’s hard work. It’s digging for business. It’s understanding how our product can do a better job than a competitor’s and then imparting this knowledge in a manner to which the customer can relate.

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